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Stops & starts along the journey to Terra Madre

Stops & starts along the journey to Terra Madre

Terra Madre. It’s something I’ve told myself I should attend regardless of what it takes to get there – the cost, the time away from work, etc. – to convincing myself that it can wait another two years (and hoping that it will indeed continue)… and all the way back again. What’s all this about? … Continue reading

Washington Magazine: A Night at the Opera

Washington Magazine, Fall 2008 For those who have never been to the opera, an invitation to attend might elicit worries about how to dress, how in the world you’re going to understand it, and how you might get out of the whole thing – isn’t opera supposed to be, well, boring? The truth though, is … Continue reading

Washington Magazine: Archibald Sisters

Washington Magazine, Summer 2008 Olympia’s olfactory destination boutique – Archibald Sisters Downtown Olympia is in the midst of a boutique renaissance with artfully-curated shops springing up on nearly every block. The Grande Dame – or more like the hip aunty – of them all is Oly institution, Archibald Sisters. Founded in 1975, this modern-day apothecary … Continue reading