Torino in October (aka the incredible kindness of friends, family, and colleagues)!

Here’s the fantastic news… I’m officially attending the Terra Madre conference in Torino next month! The ticket is booked, the seats are confirmed, the lodging – well, that’s in the works, but the apartment-rental search is next up.

The response I’ve had so far is nothing short of stunning. People from all areas of my life have sent in donations of $10, $25, $50, even $150 – all to help me achieve this goal. All of them sending along messages of support, of congrats, wishing me luck, wanting to know more about Slow Food, it’s been a bit overwhelming in the best possible way. I hope that you all have an opportunity to reach out to your community of people in some way like this, to be vulnerable and lay bare a need, a deeply hoped for wish – because I have to say, it feels really, really good. Sort of like a wonderful cocoon of warmth and generosity in the most heartfelt way.

I was incredibly hesitant to reach out to the people in my life to ask them to support me in this venture. In my day job I work in development helping to raise funds for the arts, when I can afford to donate to worthy causes – it’s often a combination of local arts and international aid organizations. There are so many worthy non-profits that I had a pretty tough time being able to justify adding my personal dream of attending Terra Madre into the mix. But there were people, a lot of them actually, that reminded me not to give up before even trying. Smart people. Good friends.

I’m pretty new to this blogging thing, I’ll get around to using less words to describe a simple thing – but for now, bear with me. It’s hard to be succinct with what feels simultaneously like gratitude, love, trust, confidence – it’s something I wish I could aptly convey to all that have shared a kind word of congrats or a welcome check in the mail. It goes much farther than a bank transaction. I’m deeply thankful.

The best part of this experiment is the reminder we’re all moving along this path together, that being vulnerable and open, even when it’s uncomfortable – can so often yield the most surprising results.


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